Absorption - Biological Units (ABUs) are designed for industrial air purification from phenol, formaldehyde, triethylamine, benzol, cyanides, ammonia, methanol, dust, and aerosols of tarry substances. ABUs can be efficiently integrated into foundry manufacturing, as well as chipboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), glass mineral wool, and basalt wool production processes.

Our industrial air purification equipment comes with an already installed fan, but it is also possible to integrate ABU into an already existing ventilating system taking into account the head loss of 2200 Pa and provided that the system has a thrust actuator.

Structurally, ABU industrial air purification equipment is manufactured in the form of three main parts that can be integrated into already existing planning solution as a single compact unit or can be installed as three separate parts at any distance from each other. Such flexibility allows for the most space efficient placement in each individual case.

ABU Installation Options:

Depending on the Customer’s requirements, ABUs can be manufactured and designed with various productivity, shape and size parameters.

Our industrial air purification equipment can clean any volume of ventilating air by combining the necessary number of ABUs into a single and efficient unit.

ABU Block Diagram

Contaminated Air Intake Parameters

Temperature: 5-180°C
Moisture content: no limitations
Suspended Substances: up to 1500 mg/m3
Organic Substances: up to 100 mg/m3

Absorption-biological units (ABUs)

Purifying Efficiency - up to 99.8%


Discharge Pressure (head flow) is 2200 Pa or higher

Technical specifications for ABU units with 5,000/10,000/25,000 m3/hour capacity





ABU ventilating air purifying equipment is stationary and is designed for continuous 24 hour and/or shift mode of operation. The temperature in the room where an ABU is placed should be between + 5°C and 30°C.

It is also necessary to have a general ventilation system that can provide 3-4 air changes per day (ACPH) in the room where ABU equipment will be installed. Our industrial air purification equipment can be partially installed outdoors. Given outside temperature from -35°C to +40°C, both the absorption and the mist capturing parts can be located outdoors.

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